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Le Galeriste promo.jpg

I have embarked on a new adventure with my art and partnered with a fashion design company in Montreal called Le Galeriste to turn my painting and sculptures into wearable art! Yes, that's right - my art is being turned into clothing that you can own and wear!

This company is fantastic - all of the clothing is 100% Canadian-made, right in Montreal. So not only will your purchase support me as an artist, it will also support Canadian entrepreneurs and keep the dollars you spend right here at home where they belong!

Now, I need your help! On top of the 10% royalties on whatever is sold from my page, sharing the word will help me reach the next Art Milestones (a first sale will activate a new artwork of my choice, the $500 mark will put me in contact with a designer for special orders, the $1,000 mark will open advertising budgets, etc.)

Please consider buying a unique piece by clicking here or by clicking the image above.

I'm very excited about this new endeavour and I hope you will support me as a living and working artist!