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Paul M. Bruneau. Stone Sculptor

When Paul Bruneau looks at a chunk of stone, he sees more than a seemingly shapeless piece of earthy or mineral matter. He sees more than anyone else can see – he sees a work of art.

Paul is a stone sculptor who has spent the past 18 years turning chunks of raw stone into stunning works of art. Those who have been privileged enough to see Paul's beautiful and unique pieces up close are often shocked by the range of emotions they experience. Some have been enveloped in warmth and joy, while others have been moved to tears.

Born in the fall of 1974 in Timmins, Ont. to Paul Moore and Harriet Restoule, Paul is a full-blood Ojibway native and a member of the Mattagami First Nations Reserve. 


Paul works with a variety of mediums, including serpentine, marble, ivory, and deer and moose antler. His pieces have been sold in galleries such as Gallerie D’Art Vincent, Chateau Laurier, Ottawa; Images Boréales, Montréal; Maslak McLeod Gallery, Toronto; The Guild Shop, Toronto; The Arctic Bear, Toronto; Snow Goose, Ottawa; and the Gallery of the Kanadas, Ottawa.


In addition to galleries in Toronto, Ottawa and Quebec City, his pieces have also sold all over the world to people in Italy, Germany, the United States, the Bahamas, China and Mexico.